History of Pro Crane Rentals


Pro Crane Rentals Inc. is a sister company of Pro Sign Co. Pro Crane grew into its own entity in 1999. Pro Crane in essence has been servicing the Tri State area since 1947. When Bob Protesto Sr. got out of WWII, he started a small sign company, Upper Darby Sign Co. which then became Pro Sign Co. in 1980. In 1999, he created the sister company Pro Crane Rentals, Inc. Our growth was driven by our dedication to dependable and excellent service.

Pro Crane is now entering into its 3rd generation. This generation is showing a strong will to expand in both geographical locations and the size (capacity) of the cranes.  Pro Crane & Rigging LLC acquired a 30-year-old crane company in the city of Lakeland, Florida. We kept all of the employees and equipment from this location as they are a great addition to the family. Noticing that the crane service companies in the Florida area do not offer a lot of the services we offer at our Pennsylvania location, we added a storage depot service, two-hour quick pick service, and used equipment reclaiming and disposal service. The number one thing we bring to the table is building excellent full-service partnerships.